What is Visual Art Journaling?

VJ class angel wingsAnyone who has come into the studio and had a chat about art classes, could probably tell you how much Karen and I love Visual Art Journaling classes, here at Gypsy Muse Studio!

VJ Class lite bulbsVisual Art Journaling for us is a place to explore, create, reflect, and just be creative and joyful. It is using visual language and written language in art making, with the intention to bring out your creative self and explore. It is a safe place for expression, a place to try out different art materials, techniques and a place to explore ideas and images.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in your creative journey, Visual Art Journaling will enhance and expand your creativity! In our visual art journaling classes, we will give you a theme/idea/page, with how-tos on techniques and design in each class; everybody works and creates a page unique to them.

Your pages are works of art that speak to your journey, your path, and your creative self.